A king who rules but don’t care about people

Once upon a time, there lived a king who rules a kingdom named England.

Ruler of kingdom name England

He calls people from far places to give him advice but he doesn’t care about the people in his kingdom he doesn’t know how is kingdom going or people are starving from food or not there was an evil servant who always wanted to rule the kingdom.

After taking the king trust he starts something very wrong for people in the kingdom the one who wants to give advice to the king he had to give the reward to him if some say no so, he does not let them enter one day a man named James came to give advice to the king

he was really inelegant and always give advice to people who were in trouble he said the grads that he had to meet the king to give him advice but the grads stopped him

and said we will not let you enter if you do not give all the money you have so he had to give all the money to grads to go inside the palace and when he enters the evil servant stopped him and said I will only let oyu enter in kings room if you give me third of your reward he had no choice so he said ok I will give you third of my reward and the servant leads him to another evil person who said the same you have to give me third of your reward king gives you so he said ok and he leads him to another evil person he also said the same and James said ok and he lets him enter in the kings room and before given the advice he said to king that I need my reward first but in front of three servants the king said ok and calls three of them and James said you have to give me 300 stinks and bet these three 100 100 sticks and king call grads and grads bet each of them 100 sticks and after that the king said do you think the really need that punishment James said you will have the answer very soon and he said I need another reward and asked 3 of them do you need the reward or not they said no and he said I need 5 bags of gold and 3 of them said we changed our mind we need the reward so king understand that they are greedy people and king locked them in jail for rest of their life and guards stop taking money from people and king put all the people in kingdom like they were in the jail and the people lived happily ever after in the kingdom.