IIUI Schools Okara Campus Hair Policy

IIUI Schools Okara Campus Hair Policy

School Hair Policy

Ideally, students are expected to keep short and neat but hairstyles can be very much up to interpretation in terms of how smart of appropriate they may be in a school setting. Therefore our school would like to make clear what are the ‘conventional hair styles’ as detailed in our school policy and those cuts which would not be appropriate for school.


Hair Colour

Natural hair colour is encouraged. Highlights and hair dye, tipped or dipped hair are not allowed.

Hair cut should not be shorter than grade 3.

Graduated or stepped haircuts – hair which is shaved less than a grade 3 at the sides and long on top are forbidden.


Too long hair (below the collar) is strictly prohibited. No fringes/ long bangs that obstruct the eyes are allowed.

The school does not permit children to have ‘extreme’ haircuts with designs. Any kind of line or pattern shaved into the side or top of the head are prohibited.

Hairstyles and haircuts which are deemed too extreme designs such as tramlines, shaved lines, stars, extreme patterns ‘V’ styles, Mohican cuts are forbidden.