At IIUI Schools I learn to be RESPECTFUL and promise to:
·      Treat others with respect and practice good manners with them
·      Be understanding and appreciative of the differences among my fellow human beings
·      Show consideration in all my acts
·      Never impinge on the rights of others
·       Learn to communicate my emotions in a positive manner, and be an agent of effective change
At IIUI Schools I learn to be RESPONSIBLE and promise to:
·      Remain answerable to myself for whatever I do
·      Admit the mistakes I make, apologies for them and learn from them
·      Accomplish each task assigned to me with complete devotion and on time
·       Be self-disciplined and execute all duties without any reminder
At IIUI Schools I learn to be TRUSTWORTHY and promise to:
·      Be honest and fair in all my dealings
·      Always keep my word, when I promise something, and fulfill it in its true spirit
·       Be loyal and sincere to my family, friends, country and school.
·       Live up to the trust imposed in me
At IIUI Schools I learn to be FAIR and promise to:
·      Live by rules as pronounced by my religion, my school, my home and my country 
·      Take turns and share my intellect and my material possessions with others
·      Be courteous and respectful to my elders and treat my peers the way I want to be treated by them
·      Avoid blaming and taking advantage of others
At IIUI Schools I learn to be CARING and promise to:
·      Be kind and compassionate and show empathy in all my dealings
·      Forgive others as much as possible
·      Help all those who are in need and be considerate to all
·      Think carefully how my actions can affect others
At IIUI Schools, I learn to be a CONSCIENTIOUS CITIZEN and promise to:
·      Be a law-abiding citizen and uphold the rules and laws laid down by my school, home and country
·      Negotiate, decide and take part in citizenship action plans to make my community, my country and the lives of my fellow citizens better
·      Remain aware of everything that is happening around and beyond me
·      Be a good Neighbour
·      Respect the authority of my elders, family and school
·       Make active efforts to improve the environment