Digital Education system. IIUI Schools Okara Campus.

Digital Education System.

Digital School Education System in Okara city. IIUI Schoolsokaracampus.

Digital School Education System in Okara city (IIUI SCHOOLS OKARA CAMPUS). IIUI schools okara campus ( The first digital school in okara .We also use the technology in learning and provides basis for digital education. Hence Present-day the digital technologies are being adopted all around the world. Generally, it is in teaching and classrooms. Live Boards, YouTube Videos, computer programs, Multimedia presentations and many others are also the best examples of digital technologies. New trends in educational learning technology has introduced likewise the concept of digital learners and digital leaning.

Digital technology is also being as a powerful communication tools in classroom management and presentations. Hence, Pakistan is a developing country. Additionally Most of the educational institutes has started use of different digital technologies in teaching.

So Why us? And Why you choose us?

The IIIUI Schools, is the First advanced School in Okara. Hence framework laid out by a college in Pakistan. Consequently Aimed to help with making successful people with a high level degree of free reasoning, faultless person and noteworthy trust in accordance with lessons and standards instructed by Islam.Digital School Education System in Okara city (IIUI SCHOOLS OKARA CAMPUS). We likewise center around character building, strict schooling ( Nazra , Quranic Curriculum, and Arabic Classes), dynamic resident group constructing and high level relational abilities.

Islamic Concept in a Digital way :

Islamic concept in a digital way in IIUI School okara Campus.

Generally in Pakistan it is compulsory for all Muslim understudies up to Secondary school level to concentrate on Islamic Studies as a required subject. IIUI Schools Okara grounds also give computerized training to the understudies to perform administrations in all fields of life. Such as Islamic idea of information, goals of training, educational plan, showing strategy, assessment, educator understudy relationship, training ventures, ladies schooling and their job spotted and seen carefully in our school first time in Okara . The rationale behind the getting sorted out and examining of these focuses to summon and encourage scores of diverse explores in more than one way. This may ultimately give a standard base to affirm the research organization of the teachers and the dynamic job of the instructive establishments.

IIUI Schools Students’ Pledge:

IIUI Schools Student, say:

I pray to Allah , The Absolute, The Almighty
I follow Islam , the flawless life-code
I seek  from Quran, the ultimate  truth
I practice the Sunnah, the blessed path
I strive for piety, the peerless virtue
I observe gratitude, the glorious stance
I desire Brotherhood, the united goal
For love, for peace; for complete success;
In life and the Hereafter!

English language:

Lets learn English in a digital way In IIUI Schools Okara Campus.

let’s look at some of the arguments made for an English only policy in the classroom:

  • Computerized School Education System in Okara city (IIUI SCHOOLS OKARA CAMPUS). Understudies will figure out how to communicate in English by communicating in English. Permitting understudies to communicate in different dialects occupy them from the assignment of learning English. Understudies who don’t talk just English are additionally not thinking in English. Talking just in English assists understudies with starting communicating in English inside. The best way to become familiar with a language is going to submerged in the language. An English just strategy in class expects them to arrange the educational experience in English. Understudies communicating in another dialect occupy other English students. English just is important for successful study hall the board that encourages learning and regard.

IIUI Schools Vision and Mission:

We imagine a school that gets ready understudies for the 21st Century so they might be strong individuals from a general public who are tokens of good practices, high person qualities and unrivalled in their abilities and values. IIUI Schools will be Centres of Learning where:

Current strategies are utilizing as day to day practice to change schooling
canter Islamic qualities and social standards are utilize to assist in creating model people who with succeeding in all parts of educational program and worldwide subjects. the climate advances equivalent regard, certainty and obligation to learning and self-improvement
the staff and the board is committing to understudy fixated learning and spotlight on course of learning and vital results
educational systems and approaches are facilitative in nature and staff and understudy inspiration stays the way in to the progress of the school
self-assessment is a standard observe by all degrees of staff and understudies.

Mission: To give a sound scholarly and educational starting point for the philosophical, moral, scholarly, social, financial and mechanical improvement of the youthful age; and to cultivate the development of learning and information for understudies, workforce and the board in accordance with 21st Century rehearses inside the structure of the qualities, goals, standards and standards of Islam.

IIUI school is the First digital school in Okara.