Flower Crown Activity By Grade 2

Science Activity on Flower Crown by G2

Flower crown kids can make

Here is a simple flower crown kids can make and wear.

This is a fun nature craft that gets kids outdoors collecting flowers and leaves, plus it’s great for creativity with pattern making and designing the finished crowns. Once they have them on their heads the flower crowns will inspire imaginary play.

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Flower crown craft idea for kids

My kids have always adored picking flowers, especially when they were preschoolers. These flower crowns were actually a craft I designed for my daughter’s 4th birthday party – she’s now 9! I never got around to sharing the tutorial but have been updating my archives and came across these photos.

How time flies! The girls loved the craft and it was a smash hit at the party, so I’ve decided to share this simple flower crown idea with you today.

Stick flowers to paper strips with double sided tape to make sweet flower crowns

Whilst we made our flower crowns in the Spring time, use whatever nature you have around you at any time of year (summer flowers, autumn leaves, winter twigs etc.)

Easy flower crowns for kids
You will need:
flowers and leaves collected fresh from the garden
heavy construction paper (card stock is best)
double sided tape
How to:
Prepare the card stock for the kids by cutting it into strips and then stapling two strips together to make one long one. Our strips are approx 8cm (just over 3″) in height, and each crown needed two strips for a child’s head size. Older kids may need it to be slightly longer, and they could do the cutting etc themselves.

Place double sided tape along the strips to create a sticky surface. I’ve just put two long pieces on ours. Leave the paper backing on the strips until the kids are ready to do the sticking.

Now you’re ready to go!