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Centres of learning that foster learning opportunities for students, staff and management.


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Microsoft & Google School

Our school is partnered with Microsoft & Google for Edu with G-Classroom and M-Teams.

Don't Hestitate to Ask

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”


Academic Year

The school year is divided into two terms:
First-term: August to December
Second-term: January to June

Playgroup to O/A-levels and Matric to HSSC

Okara Campus is now offering classes from Playgroup to O/A-levels, and will gradually extend to A-levels in the coming years.

Why us?

The IIUI Schools, are the first school system established by a university in Pakistan, aimed to assist in creating high achievers with an advanced level of independent thinking, impeccable character and remarkable confidence in line with the teachings and norms taught by Islam

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67,68 Karmanwala Town, Jawad Avenue Okara.

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Insipred, confident and ready.

Working Hours

The school will be open for five days of the week for Reception to Grade Four kids i.e Monday to Friday

while the school for grade 5 to 10 will be open six days a week i.e Monday to Saturday

Sunday will be off for the whole School.

Work With Us

Our continued success depends on the professionalism and skills of our staff. If you are interested in joining IIUI Schools Okara Campus, please follow the links below to find out what it is like to work with us and to see our current vacancies.

Why choose us

A School of the Future

Focus on character building, religious education (Nazra, Quranic Curriculum, and Arabic Classes), active citizenship, team building and advanced communication skills

English as a primary medium of instruction, communication and interaction for all staff and students 

Technology based curriculum and IT Skills, certification provided at the end of the school year

Curriculum focused on practical and interactive learning programs relying not only on total learning within the classroom but also based on outside academic activities such as presentations, conferences, seminars and meetings for students as young as grades I onward

Motivational/Inspirational sessions for students to make them high achievers who desire to learn


The school was founded in line with International Islamic university Islamabad


This age group is playing their way to greater independence, socio- emotional growth and self


Children in this classroom are working on forging social skills through collaboration emotional growth and self

LOCATION: Karmanwala Town, Jawad Avenue, Okara

Comprised of Three Kanal area the School is located in Karmanwala Town, Jawad Avenue Okara.


This age group is playing their way to greater independence, socio- emotional growth and self.


School network is available in 96 cities throughout Pakisan. The creation remains in line with the mission of the IIU ‘to encourage and promote education, training and research in different areas of learning such as social, natural, applied and communication sciences with special emphasis on Islamic learning.

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