IIUI Schools Vision, Mission and Student’s Pledge​

IIUI Schools Vision, Mission and Student’s Pledge

IIUI Schools Vision

We envision a school that prepares students for the 21st Century so that they may be powerful members of a society who are emblems of good practices, high character traits and superior in their skills and values. IIUI Schools will be Centers of Learning where:

  • modern methods are used as daily practice to transform education
  • core Islamic values and cultural norms are used to help in developing model human beings who excel in all aspects of curriculum and global themes
  • the environment promotes equal respect, confidence and commitment to learning and self-development
  • the faculty and management is dedicated to student centered learning and focus on process of learning and strategic outcomes
  • school systems and policies are facilitative in nature and staff and student motivation remains the key to the success of the school
  • self-evaluation is a norm followed by all levels of staff and students

IIUI Schools Mission

To provide a sound intellectual and scholastic foundation for the ideological, moral, intellectual, social, economic and technological development of the young generation; and to foster the advance of learning and knowledge for students, faculty and management in line with 21st Century practices within the framework of the values, ideals, principles and norms of Islam.

IIUI Schools Students’ Pledge

To pledge allegiance to the Muslim Ummah and our beautiful country, as an IIUI Schools Student, I say:

I pray to Allah , The Absolute, The Almighty
I follow Islam , the flawless life-code
I seek  from Quran, the ultimate  truth
I practice the Sunnah, the blessed path
I strive for piety, the peerless virtue
I observe gratitude, the glorious stance
I desire Brotherhood, the united goal
For love, for peace; for complete success;
In life and the Hereafter!