School Terms and Conditions

IIUI Schools Terms & Conditions

Regularity is of utmost importance. School attendance is a serious matter. It is mandatory for every child to maintain 80% attendance.

In Case Of Absence from School even for one day, a written note should be presented at school.

Authorized Leaves: The child had been sick and a written note along with Medical Certificate was provided.When the school gives an off.When Govt. Announce a Holiday/Strike. When there is a Death of a close Family Relative (Sister, Brother, Parents or Grand Paternal/Maternal Parent).

Unauthorized Leaves: All leaves besides the Academic Calendar (which is provided at the beginning of every Term) are Unauthorized Leaves. Leaves taken for Religious Obligations are also considered unauthorized leaves.

Punctuality to school on a daily basis is a serious matter. Once the Gates are closed school authority is unable to entertain any child in this regard with any excuse. Tardy Marks deduction is reflected in the Term Result for Latecomers
Gate Closure Timings should be followed strictly. Once School Gates are closed nothing will be accepted (Lunch Box, Water Bottle, Project Assignments etc…)

Early Pick up, any appointment should not be fixed during the school hours. The school does not take any responsibility for any missed out work. No retest will be possible.

In case of Sick Leave on a Test day written note along with the Medical Certificate should be provided and then the child will be marked with average marks.

Homework Assignments and project activity should be completed promptly and Please check and sign the lesson diaries regularly.

It is notified that the school is not responsible for any loss or damage of note-books or assignments borrowed by the parents among themselves. In case of absence please ensure that your child must complete his/her missed out work during the school hours.

Hygiene: It is a humble appeal that parents must check the uniforms/attire, hair, nails of their child before they come to school. No untidiness will be accepted. It’s the duty of the parent that the child is decently dressed for the school (off-color Sports T-shirt, too tight or too short uniform or Jersey). All hair accessories should be either Black or White.

Hair Policy Ideally, students are expected to keep short and neat but hairstyles can be very much up to interpretation in terms of how smart of appropriate they may be in a school setting. Therefore our school would like to make clear what are the ‘conventional hair styles’ as detailed in our school policy and those cuts which would not be appropriate for school. 

Zero tolerance policy for LICE any child found with lice in their hair will be given an immediate warning. If lice persist in the hair the child will be asked to stay at home until his/her hair is completely LICE FREE.

Nail Hygiene: Appropriate hand hygiene includes diligently cleaning and trimming fingernails, which may harbor dirt and germs and can contribute to the spread of some infections, such as pinworms. Fingernails should be kept short, and the undersides should be cleaned frequently with soap and water. Because of their length, longer fingernails can harbor more dirt and bacteria than short nails, thus potentially contributing to the spread of infection.Keep nails short and trim them often.

Warning Letter/ Suspension Letter Policy: School is liable to issue a Warning letter to the child if he/she is found in any inappropriate behavior/using inappropriate language. After Two (2) warning letters, the Suspension letter will be issued.

ID Card Policy: Children will not be allowed to leave the school premises if the School ID card is not presented. No child will be allowed to leave with any person the school is not acquainted with. Do not insist on taking the child without producing the School I.D Card.

Last-minute phone calls at home time will not be entertained. Once the child is handed over to the parent at home time, it is the parent’s responsibility to look after the child and the school will not be responsible for any incident with the child.

Circulars must be read and acknowledged by the parents in order to stay updated with the school’s curricular activities.

Books/ Stationery: School is liable to provide the Note-Books at the beginning of the Term. In case of lost copies parent is liable to pay twice the amount of the Notebook.

Fee Payments: Parents please be prompt in your fee payments. At least three reminders are given from the accounts office in this regard. Any student found with an overdue fee will not be able to sit for the examinations.

Academic Calendar: Parents are provided with the Academic Calendar at the beginning of each term. Please refer to this vital document before making any plans for the vacations. School closure and the opening dates are clearly specified in the Academic Calendar. If the writing hand/ Arm is fractured during examinations the student will be provided a writer.

Examination Policy: If the child is severely sick or there has been Death of a close family relative the child will be facilitated by the school. However the school must be notified immediately, thus the school will make the necessary arrangements for the examination to be held in the later part of the day or a retake will be arranged. (Subject to confirmation from the Principal.) If the writing hand/ Arm is fractured during examinations the student will be
provided a writer. An exam disturbed due to an emergency closure by the Government will be scheduled at the end of the exam time table. A student who misses out a rescheduled exam will have to forgo his/her grade.

In the case of a Student’s withdrawal, dismissal or temporary absence in the middle of the semester, the fee will not be refunded. If your child is enrolled in the academic year he/she will have to undertake the financial responsibility for the entire year i.e. from August to July in order to obtain the records: transcripts, school leaving certificate and other vital documents. In case of withdrawal of a child at the end of the term which is not notified, the security deposit will be adjusted in the first term fees of the new session and all term fees will have to be cleared.

School is responsible for keeping the record of left students however; in case a parent requires any document a period of 15 days notice is necessary to entertain any paperwork.

The school is not responsible for endorsing any transcripts/certificates from the Education Ministry; this is the responsibility of the parents.

Report Cards: will not be issued before the Report Day of any term.

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